Olfa Flexible Scraper Blades (XSR series)

Olfa Flexible Scraper Blades (XSR series)

Olfa L5-AL Heavy Duty Cutter

Olfa L5-AL Heavy Duty Cutter

Olfa XH-1 25mm Cutter

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Olfa X DESIGN™ 25mm Ratchet Wheel Lock Snap Knife - XH-1

X Grip Featuring the 25mm blade, the extra heavy-duty cutter most appropriate for professional work places.

Blade Specification: Blade Length: 126mm Blade Width: 25mm Blade Thickness: 0.7mm

Replacement Blades: HB-5B, HB-20, HBB-5B, HSWB-1

The OLFA® XH-1 is from the X-DESIGN™ excellence family. This ensures a very comfortable handle which is anti-slip with an excellent grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut, safely. The whole handle area has a elastomer grip which takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain which can occur over long periods of use. A re-enforced body with fiber glass gives the Olfa XH-1 ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and exposure to solvents and chemicals The Olfa XH-1 has a ratchet wheel lock mechanism that secures the blade firmly in position, however much the blade is extended out. The Olfa XH-1 comes Pre-loaded with an Olfa Excel Black™ ultra sharp blade.

Features & Benefits: Positive Ratchet Wheel Lock for maximum stability

The Olfa XH-1 is and Extra Heavy Duty Cutter for cutting through tough materials including:- Drywall Roofing Roofing Felt Plywood Rubber Flooring Use with 25mm Excel Black blades (HBB-5B)

All X Design knives have a specially designed, ridged cushion grip for less hand fatigue, good blade control, and excellent anti-slip performance even when applying maximum cutting force.

Suitable Applications: Craft Tape Sewing Upholstery Carpet Window Tint Window Film Packaging Tape Wallpaper Shrink Wrap PVC Vinyl Fabrics Cardboard Karndean Flooring Wood Veneer Useful

Tip: For best results to achieve quality performance and maintain a sharp extended blade life of all Olfa knives, blades and tools we strongly recommend to use a Olfa self healing cutting mat as a cutting surface, Limit the use your olfa knives on a stone surface or a wooden cutting surface, this will decrease the blade life rapidly.

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