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Columbia 7" Flat Finishing Box

  • Manual sweeping grip for tight spaces when you cannot actuate the box handle (not on the 5.5" box)
  • Bead wheel protects axel from wear while running box on bead
  • Hand made from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
  • Machined in a state of the art facility in Canada
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Columbia Taping Tools 7" Flat Finishing Box features precision joint compound metering adjustment for top quality finish surfaces on drywall butt joints and flat seams. Integrated door axle and pressure plate system allows smooth, easy operation and quick access for easy cleanup! New, ultra-reliable door plate wiper resists expansion or deterioration, for long-term ease of operation and greater reliability.

7" Flat Finishing Box by Columbia Taping Tools has a new improved wiper on the pressure plate, combined with a smooth pivoting hinge axle, making this one of the easiest drywall flat finisher boxes to operate when finishing drywall butt joints and flat seams. 7" Flat Finishing Box by Columbia Taping Tools is an excellent choice for base coating tape seams.


- Hinged pressure plate and quick release tabs for extremely easy cleanup!

- 7" Columbia Hinged Flat Box is excellent for applying base coat on drywall flat seams.

- "Commercial Grade" pressure plate wiper resists expansion or corrosion for easy operation and long service life.

- Aluminum wheels with o-ring tires are long lasting and smooth running.

- Compatible with all leading brands of flat box handles (except Tapeworm)

- Can be operated with or without pressure plate springs

- Smooth operation without door springs is possible due to reduced drag of Integrated Pressure Door Axle.

- 5-year Columbia Taping Tools Manufacturer's Warranty

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