Tapetech 3

Tapetech 3" Easyclean™ Nailspotter

Tapetech Nail Spotter Adapter

Tapetech Nail Spotter Adapter

Columbia 3" Nailspotter

  • Tough Aluminium Construction is Light and Durable
  • Tougher Door Gasket the won't swell! Use any Lubricant!
  • Hinged Door Runs smoothly with or without Door Spring
  • Easy Adjustable Handle Tension Screw Eliminates Box Flop
  • Run with Skid Plate to Protect Against Clickers or Wheels for More Control
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Columbia Taping Tools 3" Nailspotter has been updated and redesigned for greater usability and durability! Hinged door design is easy to push with or without springs. Integrated thumb latch for door release makes clean-up a breeze. All-new gasket resists solvent based lubricants, and integrated tension screw makes adjustments a snap.

Skid Plates & Wheels
The Columbia Nailspotter design uses a traditional skid plate, but optional wheels are integrated and available. Skid plates offer a greater amount of protection against screw and nail clickers. Wheels track smoother along the wall, and generally add a higher level of control. Regardless of your skid plate preference, the Columbia Spotters have your nail spots covered!

Stop Floppin'
One of the weak points on traditional nailspotters was the handle pivot joint. Older designs required turning a nut with a wrench to get the correct tension on the nail box. Most of the time the tension would quickly change, and the nail box would flop around - It's frustrating and inefficient. Columbia has eliminated the frustration with a simple Thumb Screw Adjustment on the pivot point. No tools are required, and a bushing inside the pivot helps to keep the correct tension on the nail box.

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