Tapetech Carbon Fibre Taper

Tapetech Carbon Fibre Taper

TapeTech Taper


  • Easy Clean Cover Plate
  • Stainless Steel Side Plates
  • Hard Anodized Push Rod and Cable Drum
  • Adjustable Brake
  • Enclosed Rollers on Control Tube
  • Integrated Hook
  • Smaller Diameter Tube Protector
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The TapeTech 07TT EasyClean® Automatic Taper redefines Quality, Durability and Value.

The Taper simultaneously applies tape and the correct amount of joint compound for all drywall joints - dramatically improving taping efficiency.


The EasyClean® cover plate can be removed with just a quarter turn for quick and easy cleaning or service.

The stainless steel side plates, along with a hard anodized push rod and cable drum, prevent corrosion and provide long life.

The adjustable brake allows you to set and maintain the desired tension on the main wheels.

Adjustable brake allows you to set and maintain the desired tension on the main wheels.

The control tube has enclosed rollers to provide the most comfortable grip while protecting your hands from the pinching that can occur with other brands.

The integrated hook on the spool keeper lets you hang the taper from framing or scaffolding.

The smaller diameter of the new tube protector provides maximum comfort and requires no tools to remove for easy cleaning and cable replacement.

All these features plus the best Warranty and Service programs in the industry make the new 07TT Taper the best choice for professional drywall finishers.


  • 1 - Extra Spring (050081F)
  • 1 - Extra Main Cable Assembly (054209F)
  • 1 - Extra Pyramid Blade (056133)
  • 1 - Extra Gooser Needle (059049)


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