Olfa MXP-AL Die Cast Cutter (Auto Lock)

Olfa MXP-AL Die Cast Cutter (Auto Lock)

Drywall Primer - Bagar Primer 15L

Drywall Primer - Bagar Primer 15L

Olfa Cutter XA-1

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Olfa Standard Duty Cutter XA-1

The XA-1 grip is made of glass fibre-reinforced Polypropylene conjoined with Elastomer, and is superior to ABS handle in its Anti-Aceton, Anti-Acid, and Anti-shock properties.

The physical feature of the XA-1 make it practical for construction and painting jobs.

Well-known and established auto lock model with an ultra sharp black blade.

Knife Features Blade slide-lock mechanism

High-impact ABS plastic body/handle

Stainless steel blade channel

No tool blade change

Pre-loaded with blade (ABB 9mm Black Excel Blade)

Silver snap-off blade Pocket clip and blade snapper use left hand or right hand Blade Specification:

Blade Length: 80 mm Blade Width: 9 mm Blade Thickness: 0.38 mm Replacement Blade(s): AB-10 AB-10S AB-50S ABB-10B ABB-50B AB-SOL ASBB-10

Ideal knife for cutting Packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, tape, cardboard, paper, fabrics, textiles, Hessian, jute cloth, calico, leatherette, PVC, car wrap, clear PVC caulking, foam board and other materials.

MPN Olfa XA-1

barcode: 9151110049

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