DELKO® Pro Pack

The Delko® Pro Pack is the complete drywall taping kit. Inside the box you will find everything you need to get taping.


  • 1 x DELKO® ZÜNDER®
  • 1 x DELKO® Holster
  • 1 x DELKO® Turbo
  • 1 x DELKO® Pump
  • 1 x DELKO® Blade
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-Put a stop to bucket gouging with with DELKO® TURBO. The edge to edge mixer paddle that fits to most 18v corded or cordless drills.

-DELKO® PUMP fills your DELKO® ZÜNDER® mechanically in just seconds

-The patented DELKO® ZÜNDER® is a taping tool that simultaneously applies compound and joint tape to flat joints, internals corners and square sets.

-Free up your hands with the DELKO® HOLSTER. Stow the DELKO® ZÜNDER® taping tool comfortably while keeping it close at hand for when you’re ready to start taping again.

-Cut tape and wipe down joints with the unique and versatile DELKO® BLADE.

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