Strait-Flex Arch-Flex 100'

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Strait-Flex Arch-Flex 100'

Strait-Flex Arch-Flex 100'

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Strait-Flex Arch-Flex is the complete tape solution for drywall arches, and circular surfaces. Each side of the drywall tape is perforated and notched to allow the tape to compensate for curved surfaces in either direction. Eliminates the typical waste associated with stick product, and is a great solution for circular staircases, barrel ceilings, and seamless drywall arches.
Roll Size 3 3/8" x 100'

Primary Uses:

* Arch windows and doors
* Curved soffits
* Circular stair cases and dome ceilings
* Special applications where both legs of products must conform to curved walls such as an inside or outside tangent of a barrel ceiling


* Continuous roll for seamless installation
* Second coat immediately
* Only light fill coat needed to finish product using standard compound
* Patented tear strips allow for easy straight to curve transitions

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