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Our Personal Site Security

How we protect you
BelmoreTools.com (Belmore Supplies.) understands that you may have concerns about security on the internet. Our site uses a secure server that implements secure sockets layer (SSL) technology in our on-line ordering process to protect your payment card information. The final payment stage where you enter your card details is managed externally to our site by industry leading payment gateway: Protx (www.protx.co.uk). This offers a huge additional level of protection for you, given that protx can offer a higher level of security.

At no point do we store your credit card number.
This is encrypted and hidden from our view by the systems at PROTX

For detailed information on the security employed by Protx click here.
For details specific to you the shopper and tips on fraud prevention click here.

The Transaction
Every transaction we process is also checked by our fraud control systems to validate the authenticity and validity of your payment card as well as indicators of possible fraudulent use. In the unlikely event of fraudulent or unauthorised use of your payment card by someone else to purchase goods from us on our server we will refund to you any money received by us as a result but only when we have received confirmation from your payment card issuer you must also contact immediately either by telephoning 01603 787464 or by contacting us on-line via our contact form as soon as you became aware of the unauthorised use of your card.

Secure Ordering

1. Once you have completed the selection of products you wish to purchase you may proceed to place an order by clicking on the 'checkout' button. If you choose to pay by credit card online your browser will be forwarded to the Protx secure server (see top of page) and will enter into secure mode as soon as you get there. You will see the padlock icon on the bottom of your screen and the new Internet address in your browser. You can verify the identity and status of the site by clicking on the padlock on the bottom of your browser.

2. Data relating to your order, your payment card details will be securely transmitted from your screen as you type this in, to the Protx secure server in an 128-bit (the maximum) encrypted format. This information is then decrypted only once it has safely been stored on the Protx secure server. Protx will then verify your details with your bank/credit card company (in an encrypted format) and attempt to process the transaction. If there are any errors, for example if you enter a wrong number, or your address doesn't match the card, you will be asked to re-enter this information. If the transaction is successful you will receive a digital receipt from protx and an order confirmation from us. Both will be sent to your specified email address.

Other Ways to Pay
You can choose other ways to pay at no extra cost, these are:

  • Credit or Debit card over the phone/fax
  • Credit or Debit card/cheque by post
  • By Electronic Funds Transfer (or EFT) direct from your bank to ours

We recommend that you do not communicate your payment card details to anyone, including us, by e-mail. We cannot be responsible for any losses you may incur in transmitting information to us by internet link or by e-mail. Any such loss shall not be borne either wholly or partly by us, and shall be entirely your responsibility.

If you have any additional queries about security, please contact us via the contact us page.

To date we have had no recorded fraudulent transactions carried out on our systems.

Happy Shopping

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