No Coat 325

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No Coat Utra-Flex 325 (100' Roll)

No Coat Utra-Flex 325 (100' Roll)

Ref: 7677

Price: (Exc VAT @ 20%) 36.99

New and Improved Ultraflex Lite
* Thinner edges for smoother feathering
* More flexible hinge enables direct application to wall
* Wider 3.25" surface covers more imperfections for straighter corners

A Breakthrough in Drywall Finishing

The NO-COAT® Structural Laminate Drywall Corner System
represents a revolutionary drywall finishing solution that
outperforms all other corners in the market.

NO-COAT delivers:
• Superior strength and durability
• Faster drywall corner installation
• Bottom line savings in labor and mud
• Elimination of costly callbacks and drywall repairs

Whether finishing off-angles, archways,
inside or outside corners,
NO-COAT offers a complete drywall corner
trim system for every job.

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