Non-Suction Float

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 Non-Suction Float

Non-Suction Float


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This revolutionary designed Float incorporates beveled holes precision engineered to eliminate suction between the plaster and float. The tendency with the traditional float to drag the plaster from the wall as it’s been rubbed up has always been a problem associated in achieving a quality finish.
The Non-Suction float delivers great advantages over the traditional float. Plaster can now be finished to a smoother standard, plaster can be rubbed earlier (even under wet conditions). The plaster bond with the wall isn't dragged and weakened.

Initial users are hailing this a massive break through, and its becoming widely predicted to completely replace the traditional design.

Advantages of the Non- Suction Float.

Non- Suction reduces the pull of plaster from wall
Flat/ Smoother Finish
Plaster can be floated earlier ( Works on wet plaster)
Increased Productivity - Less effort required, Superior Finish
Reduces stress on the wrist
Stronger bond between plaster and wall

The Non- Suction Float is the Invention of Tony Lane from Galway Ireland. Tony is a Plaster by trade and armed with over 30 years experience.

"The Non- Suction Float doesn't tend to drag the plaster as you rub it smooth, allowing you gain a superior finish from less rubbing of the float." Tony Lane - Inventor

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